Search Products   – This is a great site to send your patients who use natural products.  You must subscribe but you can search any ingredient and it will list its use, precautions and products that contain this ingredient. Good handouts for patients. Dental product one time or every three-month subscription on awesome dental products!  – The best! Excellent site to search any product and it’s complete ingredients and package photo. It will only list products that are in the United States and may not have products that are not FDA approved.   Good site to search products for Dentists and Hygienists. It will list the product, evaluation, blog, feedback and rating.  – An excellent site to search cosmetic ingredients. Easy to use and very informative.  – Love this site! Great place to see what products are out there and how they compare to what you have or what you want.   – Send your patients here if they have questions about supplements. They do independent studies on nutritional supplements.

www.Burstoralcare.com -Sign up here for products -Kills 99.9% of bacteria on your night guard, invisalign, partial, retainer or other oral appliance. Helps keep the stain away.

Research & Other Articles – On-line CE and other news related to Dental Hygiene. Good all around site for this career. – Subscribe or view through your dentists permission. Great articles!  – Good place to search current issue of JADA.  ADA news articles. Find next ADA meetings and events. This should be checked monthly to keep up to date.  – Their mission is to provide oral health education through research by dental professionals. It is a combination of different authors and has fairly current research and information. Subscription is necessary after searching a few articles.

Abrasive Value of Toothpaste – The RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) Value
Common Toothpastes/Gels

Chemical and function– Chemicals and their function in dental products

Cold Sores – Cold Sore and Canker Sore information